What is hashrate (H)?

Before talking about hashrate, let's take a concrete example: imagine that Paul wants to send a bitcoin to Maria. To do this, it will be necessary that this transaction is validated by the network, so that everyone knows that Maria has received the bitcoin from Paul. In practice, a minor will have to solve a very complex mathematical calculation requiring powerful machines. Once this problem is solved, the transaction is committed and the bitcoin is "transferred" to Maria. In exchange for his work, the first miner who succeeds in finding the solution to the problem is rewarded (as a gold miner who receives some of what he mined) by a set amount of cryptocurrency.

The hashrate, or hashing rate, is therefore simply used to measure the mining power of a mining, in other words the speed at which a computer performs the very complex mathematical calculation necessary for the validation of a transaction.The hashrate is measured in hashes per second (h / s).

We will thus find several units:

1 TH/s = 1,000 GH/s = 1,000,000 MH/s = 1,000,000,000 kH/s

To conclude: the more the miner has powerful machines, the higher his hashrate is and therefore he gets more crypto-currencies in reward!

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What is the Wily Insurance Market Protection ?

Since the prices of the cryptocurrency market vary a lot, it can happen that in some cases the mining is unprofitable. Take the example of Bitcoin: if its price falls and reaches a price too low, the cryptocurrency rewards that miners receive then no longer cover the operating costs (electricity, maintenance, etc.) of their mining machine. They therefore spend more than they earn: it is no longer profitable.

That's why we've put a system in place to prevent that. How? By monitoring 7 / 7d the market variations to detect possible price falls and, if necessary, pause your contract until it becomes profitable: it is the Wily Insurance - Market Protection !

Take a concrete case: you have just taken a one-year mining contract, the cryptocurrency market is doing well and you are profitable. However, at the fourth month, the price of the cryptocurrency that you mine falls and your contract becomes unprofitable ... Do not panic! That's at this moment that Wily Insurance - Market Protection is triggered and pauses your contract: you do not suffer any loss of profit! Two months later, the market goes up again and the mining becomes profitable again. Your contract is then reactivated automatically at the place where it had stopped and in this example only takes into account your first three months of mining (period during which the latter was still profitable).

This insurance can cover you for up to 12 consecutive months and makes it one of the most powerful in the Cloud Mining market!

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