What is the Wily buyback program?

For a few years now in most online opportunities, it is impossible to have an exit option, your funds are isolated in the system of companies that is why at Hashfox we found it important to offer our customers an option "Exit Option"

At any time you have the possibility in one click to press our button "Sell" and this option will offer you 3 possibilities.

1. Resell your equipment to the Hashfox Company at the current used market price minus a 10% management and administration fee.

2. Sell your equipment yourself in a completely independent way, in this case you will have to negotiate your agreement with the buyer and submit to us the authorization to transfer the ownership of your equipment or send it to the address of the Purchaser, a management fee and administration of 10% of the current market value will be charged before shipping.

3. If you want your equipment shipped to your home, you will have to pay the energy fee prorated for the remaining days of the current month, as well as a $ 30 disconnection charge. Shipping costs are your responsibility.

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