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The story of the great adventure HashFox

HASHFOX, one of the solutions proposed by your cryptocurrency assistant Wily, appeared as obvious for its creators.

« The cryptocurrency is not accessible to everybody, we have to create an interlocutor that can guide anybody who is interested in this fascinating world »

This is how Wily was born, an assistant who will be able to answer all your questions impartially, regardless of your level.

For his first tool, Wily turned to the Cloud Mining, the fastest solution for any beginner who want to a acquire cryptocurrency:

No need to have any knowledge, Wily will train you.

Avoid all inconveniences caused by mining equipment:

  • high temperatures
  • the noise
  • replacement in case of breakdown or malfunction
  • significant electricity costs

It is for all these reasons that HASHFOX is the first of the solutions proposed by Wily.